How to prevent tooth decay naturally?

Centuries ago, dental caries wasn’t a problem at all. Evolutionary evidences prove absence of caries in our ancestors who used to eat protein only. People started to consume carbohydrates with time. Caries is now one of the most common problem.

Bacterias present in our mouth dissolve the organic and inorganic portion of teeth within some months if oral hygiene of the individual is poor. Bacterias acts on carbohydrates and convert them into acid which is a potent factor that destroy the tooth structure.

How to prevent tooth decay naturally?

Fillings and root canal treatments are done clinically to restore the decaying part. Naturally, decay can be stopped too by following several steps. In this article I’ll discuss those natural ways to stop bacterias to eat your teeth.

1. Maintain oral hygiene:

Brushing twice a day has been published on every mind but still people do not follow this. Brushing with good toothpaste is helpful for prevention of dental disorders like decay. If you cannot brush with your hands due to some problem, use electric toothbrush.

Brush at night before sleeping. This will clean your oral cavity. Help your younger kids to brush. A person can have healthy teeth till his death if care has been taken from start. Floss once a day too. Brushing can only remove 60-70% of the debris.

To get rid of inter-teeth food particles and plaque, floss is necessary. Do not take it on light notes. Floss and brushing are two basic methods to follow for prevention of disorders related to the teeth.

2. Pits and fissure sealants:

These are precautionary treatments done at clinic. Sealants are thin material that are used to fill out all the deep parts and fissures of the back teeth. These deep parts are usually favourite site for food to get attached. Bacterias then act on them and rest causes tooth destruction.

These sealants have been very effective. They last for many years. Very cost effective and non invasive treatment that can prevent teeth from getting infected by organisms present in mouth.

3. Fluoride:

Enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth which acts as a protective, resistant layer. Fluoride helps increasing the resistance of the enamel against acid and bacteria. Mechanism of action for fluoride to make enamel stronger is simple.

It transforms some of the enamel part into fluorapatite. Some individuals need more fluoride than others. Use recommended toothpaste from your dentist. Fluoride containing water has been proven helpful against tooth decay too.

Toothpaste containing fluorides have two kinds. 1000-1500ppm containing fluoride is recommended for low risk patients. While more than 3000 ppm are recommended for high risk patients. Twice a day usage is perfect for both of them.

Professionally, fluoride application like sodium fluoride varnish, acidulated fluoride gel, stannous fluoride gel, and silver diamine fluoride are available. These are caries arresting compounds and also acts as anti-hypersensitivity agents.


Do not overly use them. It can cause fluorosis which will make teeth unpleasant to look at. Fluorosis can only be treated with complex clinical procedures like Veneers and crowns. Bleaching cannot whiten stains caused by this disorder.


Using mouthwash after brushing before going to bed is beneficial to reduce the plaque buildup and prevent cavities. Some of them have a little quantity of fluoride as well which remineralise the teeth and make them stronger. 0.12% Chlrohexidine mouthwash is the best choice.

5. Xylitol:

A natural five carbon sugar obtained from a birch tree is helpful in preventing tooth decay. It’s also a carbohydrate(sugar) but cannot be fermented by bacterial agents. It also reduces the number of bacteria (MS) in the biofilm.

Chewing sugar free xylitol gums after meals have also been proven effective to reduce plaque buildup. It reduces the acidic production and improves the PH of the saliva that acts as a good buffering agent afterwards. Chew Xylitol containing chewing gums after every meal if brushing is not possible at that time.

6. Probiotics and calcium compounds:

Probiotics concept is the replacement of cariogenic bacterias with non toxic bacterias. These aren’t very common nowadays. Calcium and phosphate containing compounds ACP and CPP enhances the remineralisation of the teeth to as preventive measure against tooth decay.

7. Limit cariogenic substrate:

Diet is the most important factor. As described earlier, there were zero evidences of tooth decay in our ancestors because of the diet. Limit refined Carbs, acidic drinks and alcohol to maintain salivary PH optimum for teeth.

Acidic drinks creates acidic environment which is favoured by bacteria to produce more acid and eat out organic portion of the teeth. Brush after every meal. Eliminate eating between meals. Eliminate sucrose from diet can also prevent tooth decay.

Frequent use of sucrose increases the number of MS bacterias enhances the caries susceptibility. Diet analysis should be taken to eliminate the risk factors. Patient should be asked about his meals for last 5-7 days and identify the most potent dietary component that can cause tooth decay.

8. Green Tea:

Green tea has anti bacterial effect in oral cavity. Green tea helps remineralisation of the teeth by providing fluoride and lower the number of the MS bacterias. Clove oil has similar effect regarding tooth decay as well. Others compounds that have been studied are cinnamon oil, and Aloe Vera Gel.

9. Dental Visits:

People usually go to their dentist with pain. Make proper appointments to check yourself to get rid chances of pain that you can have later on. Mark on your schedule. If you are a high risk patient, such as your diet is sugar full, you have pits in your teeth, visit your dentist after three months regular.

But if your oral hygiene is perfect and you’ve clean nice teeth, go for checkup after six months. Teeth are one of the most sensitive and important part as it relates to aesthetics of the human. People nowadays prefer aesthetics a lot. Taking care of your teeth from day one should be your priority if you want to keep your teeth natural free of cavities.

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