Treatment options for closing gap in front teeth other than braces.

Some people, especially models feel embarrassed by the gap in their front teeth. People want to get rid of it with simple procedures other than braces. Treatment options rely on gap size and also the conditions of teeth around them.

If there is overbite and crowding of teeth, orthodontic treatment will be the only option in getting rid of gap. If none of above mentioned conditions are present, treatment options will be simpler, cheaper and less time consuming.

Why people don’t prefer orthodontic treatment?

There are multiple reasons to this. Firstly, it’s a lot more time consuming. You can’t just fix your teeth in first appointment. Patients have to come more than twice to orthodontic for alignment of his teeth. Secondly,

Orthodontic treatment sometimes requires extraction of crowded teeth to align patient’s teeth. Patients usually don’t want extraction as it’s a surgical procedure and they don’t want to go into this for alignment of teeth. So, for simple procedures like getting rid of gap, they always look for something easier and time saving.

Orthodontic treatment includes braces which help in alignment of teeth and removing unnecessary gaps between front teeth. Braces can be disturbing sometimes as their function is to hold teeth tight in there place. It puts a lot of pressure on patient’s jaws which is quite disturbing.

It’s difficult to brush your teeth with braces on. You have to follow more complicated steps to brush your teeth so that food impaction won’t be a problem. Braces starts to look rusted after sometime due to bristles pressure on them.

Braces are also an aesthetic concern for a lot of people. It makes your smile not very appealing. Gaps are also concern for most of the models who must have beautiful smile. They don’t take this treatment option into consideration at all as this might affect their confidence when they tried to smile.

Treatment Options to get rid of gap other than braces:

1. Dental Bonding:

Composite, GIC restorations are one of the most widely used compounds to get rid of small gaps between tooth. Dental bonding with composite is time saving and very cheaper than other procedures but it’s not a permanent way to deal with gap issue.

Restorations usually got removed, abraded after few months or a year because of the food we eat, hot beverages like tea and coffee, cold drinks, soda and some other acidic stuff. Composite restorations are beneficial in some ways.

It’s aesthetically very pleasing and acceptable for patient. There are multiple options of shades. The most matching shade will be used for filling the gap between front teeth. Also, it’s front teeth, composite can last a longer time due to less mastication forces.

Composite restorations is best option if gap is less than 5mm. Otherwise, patient might have to consider some other options. Larger gaps can’t hold these bonding agents for a very long time.

2. Dental Veneers:

Dental Veneers are considered to be the best option to get rid of gap between front teeth. It’s little bit more expensive than dental bonding but Veneers can long last for more than 20 years. Dental Veneers are of many types including Porcelain Veneers, composite Veneers, removable Veneers.

Porcelain Veneers are the best option to treat this issue. It’s a thin piece of porcelain bonded to front surface of the teeth. Veneers are applied when gap is more than 5mm in size. It’s aesthetically very appropriate too.

Veneers aren’t the filling compounds instead it hides the the surface. It added some bulk on teeth. If there is still some gap left, again go for a Veneer appointment. Two Veneers will be good enough to hide gap in front teeth.

Veneers have also some different shades which can be used accordingly. These are quite expensive than composite restorations and GIC. But unlike composite, Veneers don’t need to be changed again and again.

3. Crowns:

Dental crowns are good options if Veneers, dental bonding isn’t helping at all. Crowns need some grinding to the teeth before it’s application. Once, it’s applied on teeth. It’s more expensive than Veneers and dental bonding. It can last whole life unless some trauma removed it. Make sure crowning is done on safe teeth.

4. Bridges:

Some gaps are due to missing teeth or unerupted teeth. Larger gaps like these can’t be treated with Veneers, crowns and dental bonding agents. Bridges are used to get rid of missing teeth gaps. Bridges are being used widely these days if there is single tooth missing and surrounding teeth are safe and sound.

Crowns are needed to complete a bridge. Bridge can also replace more than two teeth. More the teeth are missing, more crowns will be needed. Missing gap will be filled with an artificial teeth. Dental bridge can last for more than 5 years upto 15 years.

5. Implants:

Dental implants are one of the option in missing tooth area. Dental implants is the most expensive treatment options right now. An artificial crown is placed on implant which has to be inserted in jawbone by drilling. If patient has bone recession, implants can’t be used.

As implants are drilled into the jawbone, if there will be no bone present there, implants can’t be retained there. Implants is one of the best treatment options right now if patient’s jawbone is safe and sound and hasn’t got recessed at all.

How to choose best treatment option?

There are multiple treatment options as described above in the article.

Following steps might help in choosing the best option to treat the gap in front teeth.

1. Observe the gap at home by yourself:

Observe the gap in your front teeth by yourself at home. Take a ruler and stand in front of a mirror. Measure the distance from one tooth to another and note it down. See, if it’s broken or chipped tooth or a natural gap. It’ll help you in choosing treatment options.

Save your notes for evaluation when you’ll see your dentist.

2. Make an appointment to your dentist:

Make an appointment to your dentist. Show him the notes you’ve written. He’ll evaluate the situation and recommend you above mentioned treatment options. Ask him about the benefits and demerits of all the treatment options.

Learn about them. Then choose the best one, the one which seems likeable to you and affordable. Don’t go for expensive one unless dentin recommended you. Keep your options in mind and choose it wisely without any pressure.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your treatment from your dentist at all.

3. Treatment:

After dentist treated your problem with any of the above mentioned option, do follow the instructions he has given you. Your dentist will recommend you not to eat and drink certain stuff like hot coffee or tea for a day or two. Follow the instructions.

4. Follow up:

Always see your dentist for follow up to attain best smile for a longer time. Sometimes, after treatment, results don’t came in your favour. Don’t ignore it and go see your dentist after a week. Restorations may break down, implants might get mobile.

Bridge got broken for some reason, you dental Veneer or crown has fallen off due to some trauma. These kind of things can happen with you after treatment. It’s better to see your dentist in a week after treatment and then 6 months after that.

Causes of Teeth gap:

There are multiple factors that can lead to gap in your teeth. There might a difference in size of Front teeth. One is wider, other than is little bit less wide which can cause a gap. Sometimes, labial frenum can put some pressure that leads to gap.

Thumb sucking habits, pencil chewing, mouth breathing can also lead to front teeth gap. Gingivitis or periodontitis is one more cause of this condition. In older patients, gap is seen more often due to bone loss, periodontal widening, and mobile teeth.

Bigger gaps can be cause of trauma, like some solid blow from a cricket ball, hockey or something. Missing teeth will leave a very significant gap in between teeth which looks awful if it’s in front teeth.

How gap between teeth can be an issue?

Gap present between teeth is the one of the main reason behind food impact which might lead to many problems including bad breath smell, bacteria overgrowth, caries. Food impaction cause bacteria to overgrow in that area.

These bacterias can cause gingivitis which will start pain in your tooth and difficulty in chewing.

How braces help in getting rid of gap?

There are multiple scenarios in which patient need different type of orthodontic treatment. Severe cases will only get treated by Orthodontic who will use braces on patients teeth. Aligners, retainers are used to make arch look aesthetically and functionally good.

Advantage of orthodontic treatment over others is it’s lifetime. As it align all the teeth and jaw in some time. It’s not vary time saving but teeth can look in a perfect arch with this procedure.

Treatment is done differently after observing how much and how many gaps are there to get rid of. If there is gap present in all teeth, there will be different procedure for braces to be applied. If only single gap is present, aligner, or retainer will be enough to get rid of it.

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